Facebook expands ads formats to help app monetisation



Social networking website Facebook said it was expanding its advertisement formats for apps under the Audience Network programme that would help developers monetise their apps.

Facebook’s Audience Network, which was launched in May 2014, was developed as a way for developers to incorporate the social network’s advertising features, particularly targeting, into their apps.

“We have a deep understanding of what formats perform well and drive engagement in Facebook news feed and are taking two of our best performing units and making them available off Facebook to further empower Audience Network publishers and help drive results for advertisers,” said Facebook software engineer Erika Washburn.

The expanded offerings would include native autoplay video feature, click-to-play video, carousel advertisements and dynamic product advertisements.

“With the native autoplay video feature publishers can now bring the autoplay video ads experience from Facebook directly to their apps. Video demand will also compete with native display in the same auction to maximise yield for each impression served,” Washburn said.

“We’ll now show click-to-play video ads from mobile app install advertisers in full screen interstitials,” she added.

She said that carousel advertisements will also be delivered in a format which shows multiple advertisements in a single view so that people can scroll through.

The company via a blog post claimed, “Facebook ads work because they’re personal, relevant and easy to measure on both desktop and mobile. The Audience Network brings these same powerful features to additional app-based mobile experiences, giving marketers even more scale for their Facebook campaigns.”


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