Samsung teases its first round smartwatch Gear S2

Samsung revealed the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note5 during Unpacked 2015 but ended the event with a bang by showing a teaser reel of its new round smartwatch.

It appears we’ll find out more about the Gear S2 — formerly Gear A and Orbis — during IFA 2015 in Berlin.

The images flashed across the screen seem to correlate with the past rumored bits we’ve seen. The signature round face with detailed markers that light up.

Along with a heart rate monitor, it looks like there will be messaging, phone calls, weather, calendar, microphone, settings, Nike+ and a running app. There are a few apps that aren’t distinguishable at the moment but may be part of the alleged Tizen ecosystem.

The little white circle also moved around to each up suggesting the Gear S2 will definitely have a rotating bezel for navigation.

On the fitness side, it even looks like the watch flashed “Keep it up!” and will have a built-in coach to motivate you when running.

A slew of new watch faces were also teased. From simple to complicated, it looks like the Gear S2 will have plenty for you to choose from.

If the Gear S2 fits better than the Gear S and provides even more functionality, the newest Samsung smartwatch could very well be the Apple Watch killer.


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